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The Amazing Benefits Of Ultra-Thin, Super Absorbent, Chemical Free, All Natural Premium Feminine Pads.

  • All Natural 100% cotton outer layer is so soft and comfortable; you might even forget you’re wearing one!
  • Premium Pads designed with 8 layers of incredible protection in a surprisingly ultra-thin pad that absorbs 10X more than conventional pads and holds more than 300 times its own weight in liquid in order to keep you feeling fresh, dry, comfortable, and protected from unwanted leaks and stains for hours on your most active days.
  • Amazing Negative Ion Strip technology which naturally neutralizes bacteria buildup and odors instantly while also balances your body’s hormones and pH levels.
  • Many members report a dramatic reduction in extreme cramping, migraines, excessive feminine flow and even the length of their monthly cycle.​
  • Super absorbent premium pads with next generation technology that turns liquid to gel almost instantly to help lock away leaks and odors in seconds while helping to keep wetness away from the edges for maximum protection.
  • Our pads are designed for hours of unmatched and satisfying comfort, which allows you to be as active as you like, confident and "worry free" while providing superior protection for any occasion all day long.

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Have you been looking for a better solution during that most sensitive time of the month so that you can maintain an active and carefree lifestyle?


Want to feel dry, stay fresh and comfortable even on your heaviest days?


Tired of wasting your money every month on irritating, unreliable toxic feminine pads composed of hazardous synthetic fibers, bleached recycled trash and non-breathable plastic?

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Top Ten Health Benefits Of
Our All-Natural Premium Feminine Pads


All Natural, 100% Cotton Super Smooth, Soft & Comfortable Top And Bottom Layers.


Ultra-thin, chemical free premium pads that contain a legendary absorption system that helps to protect your skin, keep you dry and fresh all day.


Amazing all natural negative ion strip technology that helps to reduce bacteria buildup and neutralize unpleasant odors.


Naturally balances your hormones and pH levels.


Many program members report considerable reductions in menstrual cramping, nausea, migraine pain, monthly flow and length of their cycle.


Dramatically reduces stress and frustration by improving comfort and confident in your ability to avoid unwanted and embarrassing leaks and stains in your favorites clothes at the wrong time. (ie.. At school, work, meetings, hanging out with friends)


Improve your quality of life and reduce your risk of toxic chemical buildup which has been linked with potential life changing and fatal diseases such as Toxic Shock Syndrome, vaginal infections, infertility, fibroids, birth defects, Ovarian, Cervical and Breast Cancer.


Ideal for promoting positive self-image, mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing among pre-teens, teenagers and young women still learning about how their body’s function and what they can do to better manage the natural process of their monthly cycle.


Exclusive members can get premium pads shipped discreetly to their front door each and every month.


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"Feminine Intimate Health"

What You Need To Know About You!

*P.S. Learn How The $20 Dollar Challenge Can Help Improve The Quality Of Life Of Someone You Love Forever!

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